Why easyMarkets

  1. Your money is held in an Australian Bank
  2. Choose your trading platform – desktop, mobile, web and MT4
  3. Making deposits with your credit card, bank or e-wallet
  4. Competitive spreads, no commissions
  5. Real time streaming quotes and market news
  6. Trade any market you want
  7. Trade forex, spot and options
  8. Guaranteed stop loss rate
  9. Personal support
  10. Personal Analyst
  11. Risk Management Systems

Q: Your money is held in an Australian Bank
A: All account deposits are held at Bankwest which is owned by Commonwealth Bank of Australia. easyMarkets Pty Ltd formerly known as easy forex is an Australian company. The ASIC license (No. 246566) enables the company to act as a market maker, dealer and provider of general advice in the derivative market. 

Q: Choose your trading platform – desktop, mobile, web and MT4
A: Whether you prefer to trade on your desktop, laptop or mobile we have a range of platforms to suit your needs.

Q: Making deposits with your credit card, bank or e-wallet
A: easyMarkets enables you to deposit margins and pay premiums with your credit card. That means you are able to execute your deals immediately, regardless of bank hours. You can also deposit through bank wire transfer, Bpay and e-wallets including SKRILL and Neteller. easyMarkets uses the latest technologies and regulations in order to provide security and privacy for your credit card and other deposit methods.

Q: Competitive FIXED spreads, no commissions
A: With easyMarkets you do not pay commission on your trading! We act as a market maker, and makes our money from the spreads that are embedded in the currency rates. Please read our terms & conditions.

Q: Real time streaming quotes and market news
A: The easyMarkets platform uses the latest technologies in order to offer you up-to-the-minute quotes. You may check your accounts and positions in real time, 24 hours a day, and make a deal based on real-time information. We also give you access to daily market news, technical analysis and breaking new alerts through our website, SMS alerts, Twitter and Facebook allowing you to take advantage of moves in the markets.

Q: Trade any market you want
A: With easyMarkets you can trade over 136 spot currency pairs, 48 FX forwards, 57 currencies crossed with metals, 5 metals, 6 energy and 7 agricultural commodities, 16 equity indices and 58 vanilla option pairs. This allows you to use your knowledge of specific products to take advantage of these exciting markets. Whether you’re a fan of trading the Aussie, the US dollar, gold, oil or indices like the Australia 200, you can do so easily and simply on any one of our trading platforms.

Q: Trade spot, forward and options
A: Choose the instrument you are most comfortable trading – whether it’s spot (or ‘day trading’), forward deals or vanilla options, on any one of our easy and simple to use desktop, web and mobile platforms.

Q: Guaranteed stop loss rate
A: easyMarkets guarantees your stop-loss rate free of charge. We are committed to the principle that you never lose more than your stop loss amount at risk, as defined by you. Please see our PDS for a further explanation.

Q: Personal support
A: If you’re new to online trading your personal account service manager is standing by to help you get started and offer training tailored to your knowledge level. Our more frequent traders get access to our award-winning dealing room with their own personal analyst.

Q: Personal Analyst

A: Your personal analyst assists you with your trading strategies, provides you with market information whenever you need it, executes orders at your request and is your direct contact point for anything you may need.

Q: Risk Management Systems

A: Our risk management platform guarantees no slippage on stop loss orders, no widening of spreads during market announcements, guaranteed fills on both entry and exit orders, no deposit or withdrawal fees and negative balance protection for traders on MT4.

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