Learning and Training Strategies

Learn at your own pace

Learn at your own pace, and learn from the experiences of others, who can provide insight, analyses and information and can help you steer clear of the hazards novices sometimes encounter. Also read (and participate in) forums and reviews which are available in many places on the net.

Now is the time to expand your trading knowledge. Currency markets differ from other trading markets due to time zone liquidity, specific currency-related issues, central bank activity, real and nominal interest rate differentials and more. This is the time to learn to understand these factors.

Learning about trading

Topics you should be familiar with:

  • Evaluating trades;
  • Developing a market view;
  • Using trend analysis indicators;
  • Reading and understanding charts;
  • Pinpointing advanced support and resistance levels;
  • Assessing trading signals;
  • Identifying market tops and bottoms;
  • Setting price objectives for winning trades;
  • Handling Stop-Loss and Take-Profit limits.

Hands-on training

easyMarkets hands-on training means immediate access to proven trading techniques you can use to increase profits. Whether you are a short-term, breakout, range or position trader, personal analysts can help you learn trading techniques that can maximize your ability to identify low-risk/high-probability trades. Our training is appropriate for a wide range of traders from individuals just starting in the market, to experienced professionals.

Like anything in life, you don’t really understand it until you jump into it. Get started on easyMarkets, risking as little as USD 25 per trade. Take the Guided Tour through the training material while you are entering and watching your first trades – because there’s nothing quite like trading while you learn. This is practical, visual, hands-on training. Plus, it allows the new traders to develop an understanding of basic trading techniques, risk control, and the opening and management of a live trading account

Whether you are an investor who wants to learn Day-Trading for the first time, or a day trader with stock market or futures trading experience, who wants to give Forex trading a try, take the first steps with easyMarkets. Go through the basics of the market, experience real time training with real time trading and take the Guided Tour and then trade. Our training gives new and experienced traders alike all the necessary tools to start buying and selling currencies in the foreign exchange market.

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