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The easyMarkets MetaTrader (MT4) platform

A combination of the well renowned MT4 platform, but with easyMarkets trading conditions.

Allow MT4’s powerful features and easyMarkets trading conditions to give you the perfect setup for what you need. When using this trading platform, you will gain access to negative balance protection, fixed spreads, guaranteed stop loss, and take profit.

What is MetaTrader 4 (MT4)?

MT4 is a well known trading platform used widely amongst traders on account of its ability to provide its users with automated trading, and a tailored market analysis through a multitude of features.

mt4 platform devices

Why use MetaTrader 4 (MT4)?

The vast amount of information displayed by MT4 provides it with the status of the preferred trading platform by advanced traders. The information it displays is greatly customized; with movable windows and a changeable interface, such as overlays and technical indicators.

easyMarkets MetaTrader 4 (MT4) Features

One Click Trading

Pre-installed Indicators and analysis tools

The ability to customize trading templates to suit your needs, or select from a range of pre-designed templates.

Access to a 20 year archive of data, so you can back-test your expert advisors.

The ability to choose from a range of order types, including Market orders and Pending orders.

easyMarkets Conditions on MetaTrader (MT4)

80+ markets including currencies, metals, commodities, indices and cryptocurrencies

Account base currencies available: USD, GBP, EUR, CAD, AUD, ILS, CNY, NZD, NOK, CHF, JPY, PLN, SGD, ZAR

Margin Call when Equity / Used Margin = 70%

Deal Stop Out when Equity / Used Margin = 30%

All Expert Advisors allowed

Price transparency through fixed spreads.

easyMarkets MetaTrader 4 (MT4) Order Types

easyMarkets guarantees no dealer intervention, irrespective of what type of order you place. Our pride in being a market maker gives us reason to keep fixed spreads, and even despite the volatility of the markets, never disable trading.

Order types

Market Orders

The most straight forward type of order, this opens a trade – place buy or sell orders at the current market price.

Pending Orders

This type of order allows you to buy or sell at a pre-determined price in the future. Pending orders can be:

Buy Stop – Set the price you would like your position to open at. This type of order can be used when the current price is lower than the value you set. This is used when the client thinks the price will reach a certain level and continue increasing.

mt4 buy stop

Sell Stop – Much like buy stops, this allows you to open a position at a predetermined price level. The difference is the price is currently higher than the value you set. This is used when the client assumes the price will reach a level and continue falling.

mt4 sell stop

Buy Limit – When your instrument’s price reaches the level you set, a buy order will be performed. This is used when the price is falling, and it is assumed it will reach a price and increase.

mt4 buy limit

Sell Limit – This opens a sell order when the instrument’s price reaches the level you set. This is used when it is assumed the price after increasing will reach a level and then reverse and drop.

mt4 sell limit

What is Stop Loss and Take Profit?

Risk management tools, such as stop loss and take profit maximise your chance of success, which is why easyMarkets offers them at no extra charge.

Free Guaranteed Stop Loss

Stop loss sets a limit on what you can lose. Your trade is automatically closed if it begins to move in an unprofitable area below which you set. We guarantee this function because for us, it is important that you will never leave your comfort zone with risk.

Free Guaranteed Take Profit

It is just as important to know when to pull out of a winning trade as well as a losing trade. With take profit, your trade is closed when the price of the instrument reaches a certain level, to protect against a sudden change of direction in its price.

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