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Online trading was introduced by us in 2001. We continue to be at the cutting edge of forex innovation, with tools such as deal
cancellation, Freeze rate, and inside viewer.


The easyMarkets advantage

Our platform provides you with a friendly service, a simple, comprehensive, and versatile platform, and variety of unique features.
We want you to win, which is why we provide you with the easyMarkets free guaranteed stop loss, no slippage, fixed spreads and no
funding or withdrawal fees.


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dealCancellation easyMarkets

No trader has a mistake free record….Reclaim your losses by ‘insuring’ your</ br> trade for a small fee over the course of 60 minutes.


Inside Viewer

inside viewer easyMarkets

See what others do so you can make the right decision… Understand what percentage</ br> of other traders are buying or selling, and with it, be empowered by the knowledge of market sentiment.


Freeze Rate

freeze rate easyMarkets

Markets move quickly, imagine the advantage of being able to halt them? </ br>Halt a rate at your ideal trade, so it is ‘frozen.’


Trading Simplified

Stay on the market while staying informed

Our trading platform gives you all of the easyMarkets unique tools, such as our financial calendar, market news, trading
charts and trading signals. It is vital for traders trading on rapidly fluctuating markets such as forex and crypto-currency to
have information accessible to them on their platform, that is both comprehensive and up to date.

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