About easyMarkets

easyMarkets® is an online pioneer market maker established in 2003. From the beginning, we’ve made trading the markets as easy as possible with proprietary mobile, web and desktop platforms. Traders enjoy full markets access with a simple, powerful approach to CFD’s, forex and options trading

easyMarkets® technology breaks not only the administrative barriers, but also the minimum monetary entry level. With our system the user can open a position for as little as 25 USD. Furthermore, although we propose very complex financial products, we take the user step by step, in the easiest and most transparent manner, through the process of completing the transaction.

We care about your trading experience. Our traders are often new to trading, and need to learn the skills needed to be successful. We provide full and in-depth training courses and in addition to account service managers we operate a dedicated customer support team who resolve issues in minutes.

Unlike other online trading platforms, our full range of trading tools enables importers, exporters, and other’s with Forex, stocks or other derivatives exposure, to easily hedge their funds.

Trade with confidence knowing that your stop loss and take profit rates are guaranteed! Never worry about price gaps on market openings or during large unexpected news events. Your risk capital should not be a moving target which is why we guarantee the rates you set, and above all, it’s free! Regardless of how volatile the markets get your risk and profit strategies are under your full control. We’ve enabled this unique feature in both the easyMarkets platform and MT4.

You should always know the cost of your trading and with our fixed spreads you get the best price transparency of any broker. Focus on your trading and don’t worry about slippage or volatile market conditions, the price you click is the price you get! Our margin policy eliminates any possibility of a negative account balance guaranteeing that your risk is limited to only the funds you’ve allocated.

easyMarkets® is part of an international network with offices in Europe, Asia and Australia.

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