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What is Ripple (XRP)?

In today’s modern world, billions of people are connected online, cars are learning to drive automatically without a driver, airplanes can land without pilot intervention, household appliances can communicate to automate household functions, yet global financial transactions seem to be stuck in the 70’s.

The main reason for this is because banking systems were invented before the Internet and the processes are so entrenched in banking systems, that change has been slow.

Ripple was created to specifically address this problem. Ripple connects banks, payment providers, digital assets exchanges and businesses via RippleNet to provide a frictionless process that can transfer money globally.

What is the difference between trading Ripple CFDs and buying Ripple?

There are two main ways to buy and trade Ripple:

  • Using traditional exchanges, you can buy Ripple in the hope of selling it at a profit. Depositing into exchanges is notoriously difficult with deposit methods being difficult and cumbersome. The buying process is also complex, and requires you to buy Ripple tokens at market value, and you only make a profit when you sell and someone else buys your coin from you. In a falling market, this strategy may fail if you can't sell your tokens.
  • Trading with easyMarkets CFDs allows you to purchase a Ripple position at market value, without actually owning the token. Instead of having to sell your token to make a profit, you can simply close your position effective immediately. A buyer of your token is not required, and you can walk away with your profits in seconds, rather than waiting for a buyer to purchase.

How leveraged Ripple trading works

Ripple contracts for difference (CFDs) give you access to the Ripple market price without you having to purchase any Ripple. This trading method provides an alternative way of trading because you don’t hold any actual Ripple and also means you don’t need to use a wallet to store them.

Ripple is mostly quoted against the USD, so when you buy Ripple on an exchange, you are selling USD and buying Ripple . If the Ripple price rises, you could sell it for a profit, however if Ripple price falls, then you end up making a loss on the trade if you close your position.

When you trade Ripple with easyMarkets CFD's, instead of taking ownership of Ripple, you’re opening a position that can increase in value as Ripple 's price increases against the USD.

You can use CFD's to open short and long positions, to take advantage of rising or falling markets. Ripple can be traded on our easyMarkets trading platforms, as well as on Metatrader 4 (MT4).

What's the difference between Bitcoin and Ripple?

Open A Trading Account Now

There's no minimum balance to open an account, it takes minutes to create, and there's no obligation to fund or trade. Open an account to experience our platform and trading features.

Live Price Ripple Chart

Use the live interactive Ripple price chart below to view the market and consider your trading opportunities and strategy. Use the chart drawing tools to place support and resistance lines on the chart to determine trading parameters.

Why trade Ripple with easyMarkets?

  • Trade Long Or Short Positions

    Unlike other cryptocurrency exchanges, you can make money in both a falling and rising market by trading cryptocurrency CFDs.

  • Dont' Lose A Trade?

    easyMarkets pioneered dealCancellation, where you can cancel any losing trade within the first hour and recover all your losses.

  • Segregated Funds

    To protect client deposits, all client funds are separate to easyMarkets company funds and are not available to be used for easyMarkets operating purposes.

  • Capital Adequacy

    We maintain sufficient liquid capital to cover all client deposits, potential fluctuations in the company’s currency positions and outstanding expenses.

  • No Wallets Needed

    Unlike cryptocurrency exchanges that have a history of being hacked, your funds are safe in our accounts with no complicated wallet storage procedures or risk of being hacked.

  • Deposit & Withdrawals

    An online cashier to make account funding easy, straight forward and without complicated procedures.

  • Regulation and Security

    easyMarkets is regulated by both ASIC and CySEC. We offer our clients negative balance protection and their funds are held in segregated accounts.

  • Top Tier Banks

    Your funds remain safe and secure in top tier, low credit risk, global banks. Only you can access your funds.

Unique risk management with easyMarkets

  • Negative Balance Protection

    No matter what happens during a trade you can rest assured that your account balance will never go below zero.

  • Free Guaranteed Stop Loss

    Set the lowest price that you are comfortable with and set stop-loss to close your deal when it is reached. A great risk management tool, offered to you at no additional charge.

  • Fixed Spreads

    Many brokers adjust their spreads depending on how active the markets are. easyMarkets offers fixed spreads so you know exactly what you will pay when you trade.

  • dealCancellation*

    easyMarkets allows you to cancel a losing trading within a specific period of time for a small fee. Think of it as insurance for your trade, if you are unsure of its outcome.

  • ASIC Regulated

    easyMarkets is regulated in the Asian Pacific region by ASIC

Open A Trading Account Now

There's no minimum balance to open an account, it takes minutes to create, and there's no obligation to fund or trade. Open an account to experience our platform and trading features.

easyMarkets Ripple Trading

easyMarkets opened up forex trading to the retail market making it accessible to anyone with an internet connection. Now they’re doing it again by simplifying Ripple trading so you can access the most exciting asset in the market today.

  • 24/5 Support

    Our team is ready to answer your questions and help you get started.

  • Safety

    Since 2001, trader safety has been at the core of everything we do.

  • Trade Anywhere

    Trade on mobile, tablet or PC with superior platform execution.

  • Market Insights

    Our market experts will help you understand this new & exciting asset.

Trade Cryptocurrencies Multiple Ways

easyMarkets Platform

Our web trading platform features fixed spreads, zero slippage and an extremely user-friendly interface. New traders will find it easy to navigate and experienced clients will find all the tools they need.

Ripple Trading Platforms
Trade Ripple With Android iOS Platform

Android or iOS

Access markets anywhere with an internet connect on any Android and iOS device. It features the same great tools and usability as our web platform with the option to set up price notifications when the app isn’t open, so you are never caught by surprise.

easyMarkets MT4

MT4 offers analysis and automated trading tools like chart overlays, price alerts and EAs. Now you can combine easyMarkets trading conditions – like fixed spreads – with the tools available on MT4.

easyMarkets Trading Platforms

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a Ripple wallet to trade Ripple markets with easyMarkets? +

Not at all. With easyMarkets you are simply speculating on the price movement of Ripple ($). You never actually need to purchase any Ripple, which means you're never exposed to your Ripple being stolen or hacked from within an unregulated exchange.

Is trading Ripple CFDs safer than trading Ripple via an exchange? +

There are many factors that determine safety when trading and we try our best to support a safe trading environment. We can confirm that your capital wont be stolen or hacked such as cases with unregulated exchanges that have been hacked and Ripple stolen. When trading with easyMarkets, your funds are held in segregated accounts separate to company funds that only you can access.

Can I trade Ripple on MT4? +

Yes. We offer Ripple trading across all our platforms as well as MT4.

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