Brexit: Promises vs. Reality

July 8, 2016

Now that the Brexit storm appears to have passed, let’s take a reality check and review the promises that politicians have made during their campaigns and whether or not these can be fulfilled. Recall that the “Leave” vote emerged victorious during the EU referendum late last month, carried mostly by… read more

Australian Election Too Close to Call as Vote Count Continues

July 7, 2016

By Robert Francis Australia’s election came down to the wire on Saturday, with Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s Coalition falling short of the 76-seat minimum needed to form a majority government. By Tuesday evening, the Liberal/National coalition had secured 68 votes with the opposition Labor Party coming in at 65 seats…. read more

Oil Glut to Persist through 2017: Abu Dhabi Investment Authority

July 7, 2016

Glut to Persist through 2017: Abu Dhabi Investment Authority The world’s second-largest sovereign fund sees the global oversupply of oil persisting until at least next summer, as markets take time utilizing excess crude already in storage. “The markets should work with the inventory overhang and then re-balance only once that… read more

easyMarkets launches dealCancellation – an industry game changer

July 6, 2016

easyMarkets just launched a new feature on its trading platform that many are considering an industry game changer. dealCancellation allows clients to ‘cancel’ losing deals within an hour after opening them and have their original investment refunded. Nikos Antoniades, CEO of easyMarkets says, “This is a bold new feature that… read more


July 6, 2016

This week we’re seeing the recovery of the UK stock market. Let’s look at what happened. The FTSE 100 Index posted serious gains during last week. It started the week with losses but continued with sharp gains that resulted in an 8.4% increase and ended the trading week at 6,529.3…. read more

UK stock market recovers after stimulus hints by BOE

July 5, 2016

It is doubtful that anyone predicted that the financial markets would settle down only a week after the Brexit vote. Well, everyone was right because they didn’t. The UK stock markets moved with increases during most of the week following Bank of England’s (BOE) comments for possible monetary measures following… read more

Brexit Primer: The Latest on What You Missed

July 4, 2016

There have been very few weeks like the one that followed Britain’s decision to quit the European Union (EU). In the following article, we take a look at five major developments that have happened this past week. Biggest stock market selloff in history The Brexit vote wiped $3 trillion from… read more

Brexit’s Over: What’s Next for Investors?

July 1, 2016

Perhaps it’s safe to say that the Brexit is the biggest financial market mover this year but there are still a number of top-tier events that could yield big moves and profit opportunities. Here’s a roundup of the next financial events to watch out for in the coming month. US… read more

How the Brexit Impacted the Markets

July 1, 2016

The outcome of the EU referendum was seen as a shock by most market watchers, as the UK voted to exit the union by a slim margin. Prior to this, online and telephone surveys conducted by various agencies had been showing mixed results, with the last of the opinion polls… read more

Brexit Fallout and a Brief History of Second Referendums

June 30, 2016

Britain’s decision to quit the European Union (EU) by a margin of less than 4 percentage points shocked the world, which was widely expecting the Remain camp to prevail after polls showed growing momentum for continued EU membership. In the wake of the shocking results, more than 3 million British… read more

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