Dispute Resolution

easyMarkets Pty Ltd (easyMarkets) offers clients Internal and External Complaints Resolution Procedures. Clients are encouraged to initially try to resolve any complaints or disputes through the Internal Complaints Handling Procedures. If a complaint cannot be successfully resolved using the Internal Complaints Handling Procedures, the complaint will be referred to the External Complaints Resolution Scheme.

Complaints may be made verbally or in writing. easyMarkets will attempt to deal with your complaint in a prompt and efficient manner. easyMarkets will follow the procedure outlined below to ensure that your complaint is resolved within a period of 28 days (where possible). Some complaints can be resolved more quickly depending on the facts and the nature of the complaint. If the complaint is more complex and takes longer than 28 days, we will communicate the reasons for the delay.

Our Complaints Officer is Mr Robert Francis and he will assist you if required in making your complaint so that all relevant facts are provided.

The following process will be followed to review and investigate your complaint under our Internal Complaints Handling Procedures:

  • Once a complaint is communicated to easyMarkets, a Representative will listen to your complaint or review your written complaint and ascertain the key issues of your complaint. Should you not feel comfortable talking to a Representative in the first instance then you will be referred to our Complaints Officer. The Complaints Officer reviews and investigates all written complaints;
  • The Complaints Officer (or the relevant Representative where appropriate) will ask you to provide specific or additional information so that he can ascertain all relevant facts. You are invited to provide as much information as you think is relevant to the complaint;
  • The Complaints Officer will confirm the key issues of your complaint either verbally or in writing and keep in regular contact with you while the complaint is being investigated and you will be advised as to the current status of the investigation;
  • The Complaints Officer will undertake an internal investigation based on the facts provided in your complaint;
  • The Complaints Officer will then deal with the complaint on the facts and contact you should any additional information be required;
  • The Complaints Officer will then consider all information available regarding the complaint and easyMarkets will either:
    • Accept the complaint and offer a remedy;
    • Offer a remedy without accepting the complaint; or
    • Reject the complaint and provide reasons for such rejection.
  • Remedial action may range from an apology to financial compensation. Where a financial remedy is considered appropriate, the aim is to provide fair compensation for any loss suffered;
  • If you feel that the easyMarkets response to your complaint means that your complaint is not resolved to your satisfaction, then the Complaints Officer will:
    • Inform you that you have the right to pursue your complaint with the External Complaints Handling Scheme; and
    • Provide details of how you can access the External Complaints Handling Scheme.

If easyMarkets is not able to resolve a complaint to a clients satisfaction then the client has the right to take their complaint to the External Disputes Resolution Service (FOS).

All complaints must be forwarded to the Complaints Officer for action.

The following information should, wherever possible, be obtained and recorded and provided to the Complaints Officer to ensure the complaint is expedited in the most efficient and fair manner:

Account Number/User ID

Name of client

Contact details for client
Address details for client

Details of the complaint
(including time and date the matter leading to the complaint occurred, the representative(s) involved in the complaint:

Nature of the complaint

Damages sought

Request any documentation held by the client that may assist in the understanding and resolution of the complaint.

Attach any documentation or other material that may assist in the resolution of the complaint (including an initial written response to the allegations by the representative(s) involved).

Please send your complaint to :

easyMarkets Pty Ltd.
Suite 703, 65 York Street
Sydney NSW 2000

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